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1.Name the Romanian composer, violinist, pianist, conductor and teacher who composed the famous symphony  “Rapsodia Romana”

a. Sergiu Celibidache  b. George Enescu c. Eugen Ionescu d. Emil Cioran

2. Most celebrated Romanian composer of his time; his popular works include Crai nou, Trei culori, Song for the 1st of May, Ballad for violin and piano, and Serenada.

a. Mircea Eliade, b. Nicolae Grigorescu. c. Ciprian Porumbescu. d. Liviu Ciulei

3. Romanian-born sculptor who made his career in France. Some of his best known works are: The Kiss (1908), Prometheus (1911), Mademoiselle Pogany (1913), The Newborn (1915), Bird in Space (1919) and The Column of the Infinite (Coloana infinitului), popularly known as The Endless Column (1938).

a. Constantin Brancusi  b. Nicolae Tonitza  c. Ion Luca Caragiale  d. Sergiu Nicolaescu

4. Romantic poet, novelist and journalist, often regarded as the most famous and influential Romanian poet. In his poems he frequently used metaphysical, mythological and historical subjects. In general his work was influenced by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

a. George Cosbuc b. Ion Creanga c. Mihail Kogalniceanu d. Mihai Eminescu

5. The most famous Romanian dessert
a. Clatite  b. Budinca  c. Cozonac  d. Placinta cu mere

6. “MICI” is a typical Romanian barbecue made of:

  1. meat and vegetables b. meat and spices c . vegetables  d. flour and meat


7.One of the most famous Romanian games based on team work, strength and speed:

a. Sotron  b. Tara, tara vrem ostasi c. Telefonul fara fir, d. Sticluta cu otrava


8. In order to play “Ratele si vanatorii”(The ducks and the hunters) you need:

a. a ball b. a  rope c. a bowl d. a stick


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Romanian team project

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